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Pet Grooming in Navarre, FL

Welcome to the Pan Handle's Premier Pet Grooming Salon.

Treat your furry loved ones to a day at the spa at Pet Stylers!

Dog Grooming Navarre, FL Give your pup something to really bark about with a better, new-do, new look and great new feel. If your pet feels that he or she is overdue for some good old fashioned prepping, pampering and pet styling, you can count on us to help. We’ll put a smile on their faces with the plenty of great pet grooming services we provide!

When it comes to pet styling, we’re the specialist who will help make your pretty little pup feel and look like a stunner! Pet Stylers is your leading dog groomer service that provides a wide variety of great, low-priced pet styling and pet grooming services. We are located at 8540 Navarre Parkway, right in the heart of Navarre, FL. When your dog is over-due for a new due, give us a call at 850-936-8181!

Pet We offer the best pet styling service around!

Pet Stylers has been serving residents of Navarre, FL and their furry little friends with the largest selection of pet grooming and pet styling services for over 23 years. Will the help of our caring, friendly and highly trained and knowledgeable professionals, you can rest assured knowing that your pet will come home looking and feeling their very best! Our dedicated team of dog grooming professionals handles every pet with the ultimate level of care.

Contact us for all kinds of Pet Styling

For more information on Pet Stylers, please feel free to visit our website. There you can learn more about our pet grooming services, read past reviews and helpful flea information, and take a look at our past pup clients. Our clean, well-maintained state-of-the-art dog grooming and pet styling center, is fully outfitted top-of-the-line equipment and supplies. We provide a personal, caring and gentle approach, while reassuring the full satisfaction of our clients.

11 When it comes to the proper grooming of your pet, it is essential that his or her health, hygiene, and overall well-being are being well-kept. Your pet won’t only look better, but he or she will feel great! Regularly schedules dog grooming also provides your pet with a full examination of their coat, teeth, eyes, ears, and nails for signs of any potential problems.

If your pup could use a little pampering, bring them on in for some dog grooming and pet styling! We are Pet Stylers, your first choice, most affordable and reliable pet grooming service in Navarre, FL!

Products & Services

Are appointments necessary?

Yes. Please call ahead to set up an appointment for your next groom. I do not accept walk-in appointments.

Do you use tranquilizers?

We do not use any type of tranquilizer or sedative on your pet, ever.

Do you groom Cats?

No. We stay very busy with all your dogs, and are not able to groom cats.

Will you groom my Giant Breed?

Yes. We have custom wall anchors, elevated tubs, and hydraulic equipment specifically designed to handle giant breeds.

Will you groom my Pit Bull or Chow?

Pet Stylers does not discriminate against any dog based on negative breed stereotypes. We welcome any dog as long as they are friendly.

Do you handle aggressive dogs?

We ask that you inform us of any bite history or potential aggression towards people or other animals. Certain cases must be referred to a veterinarian to be safely groomed under sedation with medical supervision. Extra fees apply for hard to handle animals. Dogs that pose a threat to the groomers will be sent home immediately.

Do you groom sick or elderly dogs?

At no time will we groom any animal that appears sick, as stress and excitement from grooming may aggravate underlying medical conditions. Elderly pets are handled carefully and given several breaks during the grooming process. We may ask you to sign a release form and allow for extra time. We may refer you to a veterinarian if your pet requires grooming with medical supervision.

Can you put an end to my dog's flea issues?

If your dog is infested with fleas, they are in your home too. While I can remove fleas on your dog, it is very important that you take care of the fleas in your home; otherwise, he will continually become infested once returning to the house. Daily vacuuming and washing of all carpets, wood floors, blankets and bedding will keep most flea problems under control.

When should I bring my new puppy for her first groom?

We recommend the first groom of your puppy, should be sometime around 12 weeks of her age. Your new baby's first appointment is primarily a gentle training session, allowing her to get used to new sights, sounds, and people. We will work on handling your puppy's feet and ears, and getting her slowly introduced to nail clippers and gentle brushing. A complete haircut may not be possible on a young puppy. Initially, I suggest a simple bath, nail trim and tidy.

We want her first grooming experiences to be positive and gentle. It is important for you to remain calm, unemotional, and positive when dropping off or picking up your puppy, so you do not unintentionally transfer anxiety to her.

What products do you use on my dog?

We use approximately 10 different types of high quality shampoos made specifically for dogs by a company that has specialized in pet shampoo for many years. A few of our regular shampoos include aloe vera, hypoallergenic, emu oil, and tea tree. A special shampoo is chosen for each dog based on coat and skin condition. All products are made in USA.

Can my dog run loose during his stay?

For safety reasons, all dogs must be securely kenneled during their stay. Each dog is given a clean kennel and soft towel to lay on. Your dog is kept in-sight and supervised at all times.

Do you board animals?

No. We are not equipped to board animals at this time.

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